Zakat Foundation Of America

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Zakat Foundation Of America

Zakat Foundation Of America

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is an international charity organization that helps generous and caring people reach out to those in need. Our goal is to address immediate needs and ensure the self-reliance of the poorest people around the world with Zakat and Sadaqa dollars of privileged Muslims and the support of other generous donors. We believe that those whom God has granted wealth need to cleanse that wealth through charity, and those whom God has tried with loss are accorded a rightful share from the resources of the affluent. ZF fosters charitable giving to alleviate the immediate needs of poor communities and to establish long-term development projects that ensure individual and community growth.


ZF was founded in 2001 upon the Islamic principle illustrated in the Gracious Quran:

“They feed with food–despite their own desire for it– the indigent, and the orphan and the captive (saying): ‘We feed you purely for the sake of God. We desire no reward from you, nor thankfulness.’” – Surah al-Insan 8-9

ZF was established during a time when humanitarian organizations faced increased scrutiny in their activities and procedures, leading to new standards in transparency and accountability. As a US-based, Muslim-run charity organization that serves needy communities both at home and abroad, ZF shows the inclusive beauty of Islam through programs that reach the destitute worldwide. ZF has differentiated itself from a traditional US-based Muslim charity approach of exclusively supporting communities abroad and reaches poor and indigent communities within the United States as well. Since its establishment, ZF has progressed from mostly offering immediate emergency aid and Seasonal Programs to a focus on severing the roots of poverty, utilizing Zakat and Sadaqa donations to develop long-term, sustainable solutions.


Jabatan Zakat Negeri Kedah | Department of Zakat Kedah

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Jabatan Zakat Negeri Kedah | Department of Zakat Kedah

Among Amendment Act Zakat:

  1. On January 1, 1957, made ​​amendments to the word “Committee” be changed to “Zakat Committee.”
  2. On December 12, 1961, made ​​amendments to the Zakat Collection 4 / 8 to 8 / 8
  3. On June 24, 1975, made ​​amendments to the word “Rial” was replaced with the word “money”.
  4. On 27 November 1977, made ​​amendments to the penalty under the rules of zakat of RM100 fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months to RM 5,000 or imprisonment for not more than three years.
  5. On 10 April 1988, added section 10 to 25 to Enactment of the provisions of Zakat is to be contracts made ​​by the ZakatCommittee.
  6. On 16 April 1997, several amendments have been dibuat.Antaranya: –
  7. Legal-Name changed to the Enactment of Zakat Zakat. -Members of the Committee, officers, supervisors charity workers and the Department of Zakat-amil amil deemed to be the Public Officer.

Pusat Pungutan Zakat Wilayah Persekutuan | Wilayah Persekutuan Zakat Collection Center

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Pusat Pungutan Zakat Wilayah Persekutuan | Wilayah Persekutuan Zakat Collection Center

Zakat Collection Centre, Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-religious council) is an agency established by theFederal Territory Islamic Religious Council (religious council). PPZ-religious council began operating on 1 January 1991 aimsto collect all types of zakat. Zakat is the main focus is religious council PPZ-income charity, charity funds, charity business, charity, gold, silver alms, alms shares, charity, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

PPZ-religious council management practices are managed by the corporate form Hartasuci Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of death. Hartasuci Ltd was placed under Yayasan Taqwa Limited which is controlled death. Starting January 1, 2006 Hartasuci Ltd placed directly under MAIWP.

PPZ-religious council to become a model organization in Malaysia, zakat collection for the first time started to use computer technology 16 years ago. Efficiency and effectiveness improve zakat collection from year to year as well as aggressive marketing of the Muslim community to raise awareness of Zakat. Baitulmal able to carry out various forms of programs and established a number of social centers, welfare and education, especially urban communities as a result of increased collection of zakat every year.

Lembaga Zakat Selangor | Selangor Zakat Institution

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Lembaga Zakat Selangor | Selangor Zakat Institution

Selangor Zakat Institution

Established over 15 years ago, Pusat Zakat Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Council), is synonymous with increased awareness of Zakat in the state and efficiency of distributing. For a decade, many Islamic institutions assisted, the weak get life assurance, socio-economic and cultural well-balanced.

Has over ten years also PZS (MAIS) to preach, pray and trust to guide and encourage all Muslims to perform this obligatorypillar of Islam. Indeed, the trust will continue to be held and discharged with the tenets of Islam as soon as possible so that thiswill continue to be treasured and upheld.

Now, after a decade has passed, PZS (MAIS) is determined to continue to provide the best, with your support. PZS (MAIS) will continue to assume and carry out the trust as collect and amilin. That commitment PZS (MAIS). With the motto “Driving Socio-Economic Balance Ummah” PZS (MAIS) is now known as LEMBAGA ZAKAT SELANGOR (MAIS).